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  Corn Maze & Hayrides: 


 tickets for all hayrides and the cornmaze have to be    purchased onsite at the ticket booth or the packing shed.

  Tickets for each of these   activities are $8 per person

 Group rates: 

  for groups of 10 and over     for hayrides, cornmaze and   haunted house 

 $1.00 off per ticket for   each  attraction. 

 Just ask for the group rate   when purchasing your   tickets 

 Our email is:

 If you have questions

Haunted House & escape rooms

    we are offering a discount          for paying with cash for   these 2 attractions this year

We have an atm onsite

   15 minute Escape rooms:  

  cash price :$9 per Room/person

credit/debit:$10 per room/person


  haunted house:

  Daytime less intense show  for Saturday & Sunday from   1pm to 5pm 

  cash price: $12 per person  

credit/debit: $14 per person

Nighttime Tickets:

Any ticket purchased after   5pm weekdays or weekends

 cash price: $15 per person   credit/debit: $17 per person

  "vip haunted house ticket" 

   takes you to the front of    the line to reduce wait time

  Cash price: $25 per person   

 credit/debit: $27 per person



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