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Come Try Our Escape Rooms!

Our quick-escape rooms are fun for the whole family! You have fifteen minutes to solve each room, and we have five different rooms that you can try with your friends and family. The rooms do not involve actors (so they aren't scary), and the difficulty level varies slightly so there's fun to be had by people of all ages.

The Last Ride

"The Last Ride''  --- Unfortunately this attraction will be Closed for the 2023 Season -- We hope to have it operational in 2024.

 (a "buried alive" simulator) has become quite popular with our customers. We have seen many people who are brave enough to lay inside of our casket to experience the feeling of being buried alive. This may very likely be your only chance to lie down inside of a casket...and get out again.

Haunted Nightmares Haunted House

On Saturdays and Sundays during October the Haunted House opens from 1pm to 5pm with a less aggressive/intense show with fewer actors at a reduced price for a younger audience. At 6pm and all other open times the haunted house is full of live actors waiting to startle, scare and entertain you. Step inside and experience horror and discomfort like never before! Haunted Nightmares is an intense attraction that features professional sets with theatrical lighting and special effects.

(NOTE: We are open on Halloween from 7pm until 10pm)

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Moonlit Hayrides

Corn Maze

We offer moonlit hayrides out to our pumpkin patch each night that the haunt is open, where you are able to pick a small pumpkin to take home with you. This is NOT a haunted attraction, so it is appropriate for all ages. (Moonlit Hayrides do not run when raining.)

Hill High Farm is home to one of the largest corn mazes in the area! If you visit after the sun goes down, be sure to bring a flashlight so you can try to find all of the checkpoints within the maze. (There are no actors in the cornfield; this is NOT a haunted attraction.)

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