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Haunted Nightmares is located on Hill High Farm in Winchester, Va.

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Five miles outside the city limits of Winchester you will find some of the greatest terror ever documented in the Shenandoah Valley.  On Hill High Farm (a farm that has been in the same family for over 100 years) sits an old building that holds unspeakable nightmares.  While the building usually remains sealed, the owners of the farm unlock the doors for a brief moment each year during the harvest season.  This structure was once just a simple storage building for farm equipment; however, over the years it has become quite obvious that a supernatural force resides within the building. 

Many years ago, the farm owners began to hear footsteps and voices while in the building late at night.  For years, the stories were just a myth, but eventually, spending the night alone in the building became a rite of passage for many young men in this family.  Each year during the fall harvest, family members would test their will as they were locked in the building for an entire night.

After many years of this cruel practice, the family decided the ritual should be put to rest, as countless members of the family seemed to suffer from terrible nightmares ever since their night in the barn.  Since then, the family has kept the building locked up throughout the year, and has deemed this the barn of haunted nightmares.

While the family no longer encourages their young to experience the terror found within this building, they do unlock the doors for just a brief moment each year.  Come visit Hill High Farm, and dare to step into Haunted Nightmares.  Experience for yourself the supernatural terror that resides within the walls of this godforsaken building.  Each step forward takes you further into the supernatural world and further from your reality.  What you see may reside within your mind for years to come, and your haunted nightmares may drive you absolutely insane…